Antoinette is a young author who just published her first graphic novel about the hardships of middle school. It is here on Amazon.  The goal of our shoot was to create images for promotional purposes. It was a family affair that included both of her parents and younger brother who served as an outstanding lighting assistant. I have been intrigued for a few years by the possibilities of a ramp in the Metra station on Marion Street in Oak Park. We shot around in the station until a security guard told us that only tourists could shoot without a permit. We smiled at her and left. Shot Antoinette between the turnstiles while the guard was calling the CTA. Guerilla.Thanks Antoinette for a great shoot and the chance to try out some new things. Good luck with the graphic novel. You owe me an autograph.

 (David T. Kindler) (David T. Kindler) (David T. Kindler) (David T. Kindler)